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Lori Ellison

Linda was very helpful and well versed in the insurance and was able to answer all my questions. I had been considering this type of plan for a few years. She was able to clarify some questions I had which gave me comfort in moving forward. Thank you.


I was in my mid 30s when I became the primary caregiver for my elderly, sick dad. Sadly what happens some times when a parent becomes elderly & sick other family members will simply bail out as it is extremely difficult & overwhelming trying to take care of an elderly, sick parent. It left only me and I was in a situation where I could not quit my job to take care of my dad so I was trying to work a full-time job and take care of him 24/7 all at the same time and needless to say I was not able to do that very long, nobody can. My dad did not have long term care insurance. I finally got him into a nursing home where he could receive round the clock care but it meant liquidating assets of his that took a lifetime to aquire, getting attorney's involved and so forth. I knew at that time that I never wanted this to happen to me and most importantly, my close loved ones to have to be dealing with this. That is why I acquired long term care insurance. Linda was a great help to me in figuring out what policy would work best. I highly recommend Linda Jobin. Thanks again!

Peter Massaro

Linda Jobin was a pleasure to work with. She researched the best fit for my Long Term Care goals based on my personal budget criteria. Linda set up conference calls, was punctual, polite and professional. I was very pleased with the results Linda provided. I would recommend her services to anyone.


You have a real gift for making the complex understandable and earning the trust of your clients. Thank you!

Geri Biggs

Linda was extremely helpful and accommodating!

Beth Whisler

I have worked with Linda Jobin in securing long term health insurance and she has been an honest, persevering, and client-centered insurance professional. I have a chronic medical condition and she worked very hard to explain various options that were available to me. I live in Kansas, which is another time zone from Linda and she was available at many times during the day when my husband and I had questions. It is refreshing to work with an insurance agent that has high ethical standards and is worthy of a person's trust! Respectfully, Beth Whisler


A decade ago my dad passed away from Parkinson’s disease. He was widowed so decisions about his care fell on my sisters and me. He wanted to stay at home but because he didn't have long-term care insurance, his savings would be depleted within a couple of years. So, we moved him into an assisted living facility he loved, but the base cost was over $4,000/mo. for room and board, plus health assistance. Before long, his finances were depleted, so we made the painful decision to move him into a nursing home so he would be eligible to receive federal aid. He remained there for 3 years, but really only needed full nursing care for the last year. Had he been insured, he could have had a much greater quality of life.I decided then that when my time comes, I want the financial freedom to make my own decisions, so I looked into long-term care insurance...I was really happy to learn that rate offered was affordable and the application process was quick and simple. I feel much better knowing I’m no longer gambling with my future. 

Joslin Leasca

I just wanted to share with you that I have taken advantage of this benefit. I was so happy with the process. The ACSIA representative that I met with, Linda Jobin, was professional, spent a great deal of time with me, and no pressure at all. I selected the program I wanted after defining what was important to me and she handled the rest. The necessary signatures were obtained through Docusign and I was able to complete the entire process without any headaches at all.

Phil N.

We are so very thankful for your help and expertise and for the information you've provided us. We appreciated so much the clarity and manner of explaining the material to us. That was very helpful. May God bless you in the excellent service and ministry you provide to your clients! Without a doubt, you are a blessing to many people!

Andy Chermak

Thanks Linda, for helping me through the process of finding the right sort of policy. As I once told you, my Dad was a life insurance salesman who "never oversold a policy", and I have the feeling that you're the same way.

The Rev. Elice Higginbotham

I can not thank Linda enough for her friendly, forthright and clarifying answers to my questions and concerns. It was clear that she was not trying to sell me a product, but to give me the most appropriate recommendation for my situation. She answered my questions completely, and helped me make a hard decision by giving me the full range of necessary information. In even a relatively brief contact, she won my trust by her friendliness and professionalism.

Mary B.

After participating in an educational webinar about LTC insurance and doing my own research online, I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the choices involved in purchasing a policy. Because of my parents' situations, I know it is important to have LTC insurance, but I told myself, "I'm only 45 ... this is too difficult ... I can do this next year ... or maybe when I turn 50..." I had already scheduled an appointment with Linda Jobin and decided ahead of time that I would tell her that I wasn't ready to purchase a policy. I expected a hard sell, and was determined to just say no, not right now. What happened was just the opposite ... Linda was patient and understanding, thoroughly answering all of my questions without pressuring me to make a decision. She simplified my choices and allowed me to see how the cost of the policy would change, depending on which options and levels of coverage I chose. After a couple of phone/online meetings with Linda, and studying several quotes that she provided me, I now feel very comfortable with my choice to purchase a policy. Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your kind and knowledgeable guidance.

Vicki White

I worked with Linda Jobin for my LTC insurance. She was very patient and understanding when explaining how this type of insurance worked. She was extremely knowledgeable about all plans. I was apprehensive in the beginning because my budget is tight and I was afraid that I was not going to be able to afford it, but Linda worked on a plan that I was able to fit into my budget. I would strongly recommend Linda to anyone. thank you

Jessica Bryan

Long Term Care Insurance is important to our family to keep us covered for years to come. We appreciated the professionalism and kindness in which Linda worked with us. I recommend you reaching out to her with any questions about this issue.

Norina Geter

Such a delightful & informative session with Linda Jobin. I had prepared questions to ask her at the end of our phone consult; by the time her presentation was concluded she had answered each question + some. She apparently knows this business to the point she's quite able to make you feel comfortable. Her honesty with a projected analysis of assisting with providing me with the best plan long term package is a relief. 

Jean S.

My husband and I are in our mid-fifties and like so many people our age, we found ourselves assisting and caring for our parents as they aged. That experience led us to think more carefully about the way that we wanted to approach our own potential medical and financial needs as we grow older. Long-term care makes sense for us and helps to protect our children's inheritance, should it be necessary for either of us. Linda Jobin communicated continually and helped us understand our options and to navigate through the process. She researched appropriate options and found us a product that suits our circumstances well. She was always available and answered all of our questions. The underwriting process took a little longer than we expected but Linda was readily available and helpful throughout the application period. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is seeking long-term care information.


I am not one for writing testimonials but after speaking with Linda , I was inspired to do so.She took the time to listen to my concerns and questions about LTC .She explained the various nuances of the policy ( I was looking into ),in terms that I could understand . I highly recommend Linda ! Much thanks !


Linda was extremely knowledgeable about LTC insurance for seniors nearing retirement. She provided information I was not aware of and she was honest in letting me know my present plan was fine. I would eagerly recommend her, especially if you are undecided about LTC insurance fitting in your budget.

Audrey Homer

Linda Jobin was extremely helpful and patient. She took time to answer my questions and listened to my concerns and experiences. I have dealt with others in this field and she was the most knowledgeable and empathetic... I look forward to continuing our conversation at our next appointment and would recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

carole rowland

I had been putting this off for years even though friends and my attorney told me its so important to have extended care as you get older just so you are not a burden to your family. I did a lot of research on this and got a lot of quotes from companies. Mutual of Omaha was by far the best that offered me the best....but it was Linda Jobin that sold me on the policy not Mutual of Omaha. She is the most caring, understanding and considerate person I ever come in contact with in this field. Everyone else seemed to pressure me. She was very patient and answered all of my questions and always called me back instantly. She was so sympathetic with my feelings and understood exactly what I was telling her. I told my entire family about her. It doesn't get any better than Linda Jobin.........

Janet Nonamaker

A difficult decision to make but Linda Jobin helped me through it. She found several policies I might be qualified for. Gave me lots of information and time to think about it. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thanks, Linda.

Lois Naftulin

Linda was so knowledgeable about Long Term Health Care; not just in NYS but many other states as well. I am 70 years old and waited until now to buy insurance. Ms. Jobin asked me various questions about my health, my wishes if I become disabled, and my budget. She then researched the different companies offering this insurance until she found a fit for me. She recommended three different companies that fit my parameters, and we discussed each one thoroughly. Ms. Jobin is extremely patient and professional. I recommend her services highly. You will not be disappointed.

Douglas W. Morse

I found myself looking for a long term care policy and wasn't sure how to go about it. Linda Jobin was a tremendous help. She helped me navigate the many decisions and subtleties that different policies offer. She took into account my needs and found a policy tailored for me. I am extremely happy with my decision to consult with Linda. Well done!

Anne Drake

Even after caring for my mom as she battled Alzheimers, I kept putting off getting a long term care plan. It just seemed so confusing, so complicated and so expensive. Thank you for helping me finally choose my plan. It was so easy to meet with you online, the information was simple to understand and the cost meets my budget. Thank you!!
A decade ago my dad passed away from Parkinson’s disease. He was widowed so decisions about his care fell on my sisters and me. He wanted to stay at home but because he didn't have long-term care… Read More


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